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Identifying Problems

Found something that bothers you ? – A light doesn’t work, your connecting train is late or you can't find a bar that serves your favorite drink. Normally you ignore those annoying little things because you don’t really know what you could do - so you just accept it. But you don't have to! Let’s do it better - together! Just inform SPREADLE about the problem and SPREADLE's community will take over and do the rest for you.

Asking the Crowd for Solutions

Sometimes you have a problem, for which you cannot find a solution. What happens if you then ask your friends and they go and ask their friends, experts, and people just hanging around the same area? This crowd will identify solutions for you, rate and vote on possibilities, and in the end devise a plan to get your problem solved.

Getting Things Done

SPREADLE uses a crowd-based algorithm to identify the right institutions able to solve your problem. SPREADLE accepts responsibility for every problem, SPREADLE tracks every status, and SPREADLE engages the crowd to use its mass power with the responsible institutions, until your problem is solved. If there’s a reason for not being able to solve your problem, you will at least find out what it is.

Identifying Market Trends

As a company you always want to know what your customers think of your products or services. You have to identify upcoming trends, you have to solve problems, and you have to make your product better, stronger, faster, and cheaper. SPREADLE is your chance to identify your customers’ needs as early as possible, leaving you time to control the whole process of improving quality, making your product better, and hence satisfying your customer.


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